How to attach a spout to a fuel can (video)

We get all kinds of enquires through from customers regarding our high quality fuel cans and accessories. 

Probably the most common thing  we get asked about is ‘why is the pin bent?’ this is perfectly normal and your pin is not faulty or damaged. The next thing we get asked about is something that is actually fairly simple to do and that is how to attach a fuel can spout to a fuel can

When a fuel can is new some of the parts around the lid can be a bit stiff, but after you have been using the can for a while you will find this is much easier.  In order to show our customers how to attach a fuel can spout to a fuel can we’ve put together this very simple video. The method is identical depending on whether you’ve ordered a long nose diesel spout, a flexible or a rigid spout. Obviously if you have ordered a screw top fuel can attaching a spout to it is fairly straight-forward. 

How to attach a spout to a fuel can

Our spouts are available in a range of colours and styles, have a look at some of the different kinds below and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us on 01508 493 647 or email

  • Smart Spout with Bayonet Fitting (Red)
  • Long Nose Flexible Pouring Spout – Khaki
  • Long Nose Flexible Diesel Pouring Spout – Black
  • Rigid Pouring Spout – Yellow (Bayonet)
  • Rigid Pouring Spout – Red (Bayonet)
  • Flexible Pouring Spout – Black (Bayonet)

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