Green Valley supports The Wakefield District Badger Group

Wavian / Green Valley Industrial Supplies supports wildlife conservation group, giving them a helping hand to conserve wildlife.

The Wakefield District Badger Group, run by unpaid volunteers aims to keep wildlife safe by protecting and conserving wildlife and the natural habitat for the public benefit.

The group’s conservation operations mean they have to use and manage fuel and their previous ageing metal drums were starting to corrode inside causing problems with fuel contamination. These new plastic containers are proving to be a major upgrade with the added bonus of being able to see at a glance how much fuel we have, plus the 20 litre size makes it much easier for handling so all round a vast improvement.

Help from Wavian / Green Valley Industrial Supplies who donated the plastic fuel containers helped the group improve it’s fuel management.

Simon Webster, Company Director said, “At Wavian / Green Valley Industrial Supplies we pride ourselves on our community involvement and recognise that the work carried out by Wakefield District Badger Group is vital in conserving wildlife and the environment in the region. We wish the group all the best in their future endeavours.” Paul Hayward, Group Secretary commented,

“It is vital that companies such as Wavian / Green Valley Industrial Supplies come forward to offer their invaluable support for projects like this which do not receive any formal funding. The fuel storage containers will help the group manage it’s fuel safer and more efficiently, creating a more sustainable conservation project for the future”.

We were delighted to support The Wakefield District Badger Group and wish them every success in the future.

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