Fuel Cans For High-Performance Motorbikes


High-performance motorbikes represent the pinnacle of engineering and speed, offering riders an unmatched combination of power, agility, and precision. These machines are designed to push the boundaries of what is possible on two wheels, delivering exhilarating experiences on both the open road and the racetrack. Central to the performance of these advanced motorcycles is the intricate system responsible for fuel delivery.

Fuel delivery in high-performance motorbikes is more than just a mechanism to supply fuel to the engine; it is a critical factor that determines the efficiency, power output, and overall responsiveness of the bike. Precise control over fuel delivery ensures that the engine receives the optimal mixture of air and fuel, enabling it to perform at its peak. Whether it’s achieving maximum acceleration, maintaining high speeds, or ensuring smooth throttle response, the sophistication of the fuel delivery system can significantly influence a motorbike’s performance.

The Ideal Fuel Can For Perfect Delivery

When it comes to fueling high-performance motorbikes, 2-litre and 5-litre fuel cans are ideal due to their manageability and user-friendly design. These cans are compact enough to be easily transported and stored, making them perfect for quick refuelling during long rides or at the racetrack. The built-in spouts on these cans facilitate smooth, precise pouring directly into the tank, reducing the risk of spills and ensuring that every drop of fuel is utilised efficiently. Additionally, their smaller size allows for better control, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with high-performance engines that require careful fuel management to maintain optimal performance. Other advantages include the ability to easily measure and mix fuel additives, and the convenience of having multiple smaller cans that can be distributed among different riders or pit stops, ensuring a steady and reliable fuel supply during demanding rides or races.


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Miles & Capacity – Don’t Get Stuck!

Extend your range by over 100 miles!

Weaving through the majestic highlands of Scotland and the rugged coastlines of Wales on a high-performance motorcycle is a dream ride for any adrenaline seeker. Imagine carving through winding roads, the wind whipping through your hair, with breathtaking vistas unfolding around every bend. Knowing you have a secure backup fuel system strapped on adds another layer of freedom to the experience. You can truly explore these awe-inspiring landscapes at your own pace, stopping whenever a panoramic view or a quaint village tempts you, with the peace of mind that extra fuel provides.

Here is a table outlining the average fuel tank capacity for high-performance bikes, how many miles each tank should get and what a Wavian 2 litres and 5 litres of petrol will get you in terms of mileage:

Motorcycle TypeEngine Capacity (cc)Average MPGTank Capacity (gallons)Range on Full Tank (miles)Extra 2 Liters (miles)Extra 5 Liters (miles)
Sportbike (Supersport)600-100035-454.5681.30114.61286.52
Sportbike (Liter Bike)1000+30-405.0662.38111.43278.57
Naked Bike600-120040-504.0681.30114.61286.52
Adventure Touring800-1200+40-505.5936.79157.59393.97

As you can see, the average fuel tank capacity of high-performance bikes is around 4-5 gallons. This translates to a range of 681-936 miles on a full tank. Adding 2 litres of extra petrol will give you an additional range of 114-157 miles while adding 5 litres will provide you with an additional range of 278-394 miles.

Please note that these are just averages, and the actual fuel efficiency of your motorcycle will vary depending on a number of factors, such as your riding style, road conditions, and weather.



While a backpack might offer some flexibility, for a 2-litre fuel can on a high-performance bike, a dedicated fuel can holder mounted on the tail section or frame is the better option. It provides a secure and stable way to carry the fuel, keeping it away from your back and preventing any sloshing or damage during your ride.

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