Rhino 10 Litre Explosafe Yellow Fuel Can

In addition to our high quality Wavian Fuel Cans we also sell a number of products from other carefully selected manufacturers. 

Rhino make all their fuel cans in the UK and the Rhino 10 Litre Yellow Explosafe Fuel Can is an excellent alternative choice to the Wavian 10+20 Litre Explosive fuel cans. 

Constructed in the same way as a regular fuel can, the Rhino 10 litre expo-safe cans also benefit from an internal explosive material which in the event of a fire prevents the fuel can from exploding.

The key difference between the Rhino Fuel Can and the Wavian Explosive-Safe can is that as you can see the Rhino Can has a much flatter base which in turn makes the fuel can much less likely to tip over in a vehicle. 
Dimensions 23.5cm 24cm 34.5cm Weight:4.3kg

• 10 Litre Steel Fuel Can •
• TUV Approved •
• Wide base to prevent tipping •
• Stable over 30°C • • TUV Approved •
• Manufactured in the UK from high quality steel •
• Finished in a petrol resistant epoxy •

Also available in 5 Litre size, click here for more > 
Product ID: RC0010YEX
Price as of 17th July 2018 – £25.01

These Rhino Explosafe fuel cans are also available to be purchased with a ‘Spare Kit’ this includes an extra spare spout and screw top. For information on any of our high quality fuel cans contact us on 01508 493647 or email sales@wavian.net

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