Bushwacker & Wavian Fuel Cans

Our high quality Wavian fuel cans and accessories are purchased by all kinds of people all over the world and it is especially nice when we discover our fuel cans used by people on Youtube videos and across social media. 


Bushwacker has a very successful YouTube channel and we were delighted to see one of our 20 Litre Wavian Fuel Cans in his latest video. He loves nothing more than going off grid and sleeping under the stars and taking a Wavian fuel can with you on any expedition is always a good idea. The piece of mind a spare supply of fuel can give you is invaluable and when you’re preparing for an expedition a high quality fuel can should be very high on the list. 

Bushwacker specialises on teaching all kinds of survival techniques and is incidentally using a Jerry Can Holder very much like the one we sell here > We also have a (what we think is) a superior new front loading Jerry Can Holder that is stronger and more secure. You can find this Jerry Can Holder for sale here > 

At the moment you can save £5 on any of our fuel can / spout / holder  combos, just enter the code COMBO at the checkout and the discount will be removed automatically. Have a look here > * Conditions apply, valid til 1st July.

If you need any more information on any of our products email us on sales@wavian.net or call 01508 493 647

Check out Buckwacker’s Youtube Channel here >

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