Black 20 Litre & 5 Litre Screw Top Cans back in stock


As we move ever closer to Christmas there is still time for you to receive your Jerry Can order before the big day. You might be surprised at how many Grandads (and Grandmothers) are genuinely delighted at unwrapping a Wavian Fuel Can on Christmas day. Those in the know, know the difference and if you need further assistance take a look at the video ewe made to show you the difference between a good fuel can and a bad fuel can (see below).

Back in stock

These 5 litre screw top fuel cans are becoming increasingly popular with our wholesale and retail customers alike. Available in Green or Red, they have a very smart magnetic cap that will stop you losing it while in use. They are made in exactly the same way as our regular 5 litre Wavian Bayonet Fuel Cans, so you can be sure you are getting the real thing and the Wavian Quality we are so well known for.

Back in Black

Another popular fuel can back in stock is our Wavian 20 Litre Bayonet Can in black. We don’t like to brag too much, but we think it is something of a design classic and the perfect solution when you can’t decide between a green or red fuel can 😀.

If you need any further assistance with your order please email or call us on 01508 493647.

Please be aware of our Christmas 2020 delivery schedule, for more info click here

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