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You may or may not know, but in addition to being the UK’s biggest supplier of high quality Steel Jerry Cans we are also a major supplier of Adblue and have a dedicated website, selling a wide range of AdBlue® related products. We’ve just launched a range of AdBlue® starter kits that are ideal for businesses new to AdBlue® and offer a cost effective and no-hassle solution to get up and running with AdBlue® quickly and easily.

AdBlue® Starter Kit
AdBlue® Starter Kit IBC

Our most popular item is the 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC with Premium Gravity Hose Kit, priced at only £450 including VAT the kit it includes one 1000 litre IBC and a Premium Gravity Hose Kit with 4metre hose.

We like to look after our customers so unlike many other AdBlue® suppliers we don’t charge a deposit for the IBC*, all we ask is to give us a call when its empty and we’ll either come and pick it up or replace it with a fresh new one.

Also available for customers who don’t use as much Adblue or perhaps don’t have the space for an IBC is our 210 litre AdBlue® drum kit with manual Piston Drum Pump Kit.

AdBlue® Starter Kit 210 litre

We also stock a large range of Adblue Pumps, 10&20 litre empty AdBlue® Containers, connectors and smaller AdBlue® car packs, ideal to keep in the car should your AdBlue® warning light come on.

AdBlue® is used with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) in new diesel vehicles to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen. For more information on AdBlue® visit our page ‘What is AdBlue®’.

*Please note that IBC deliveries require the use of a Fork Lift Truck

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