Back in stock 5 Litre Screw Top Steel Wavian Fuel Cans

These cans have been really popular since we introduced them earlier in the year, so much so that as soon as they came in, they all flew out of the door straight away. The majority of them went to our jerry can wholesale suppliers. 

The cans are built to the same high quality as our ‘regular’ Wavian fuel cans with one key difference (do you know the difference between a good fuel can and a bad fuel can?). As the name would suggest these cans have a screw top magnetic lid that can be ‘stuck’ to the side of the can while pouring. The screw top fuel cans are available in all sizes 5,10 & 20 Litre and currently in khaki green and red (other colours available soon)

Smart Spout 
These cans come with 2 spout options. The first one is a regular screw top long flexible spout, this is our most popular pouring spout in the UK. The other spout is new product and particularly popular in the USA where the fuel can regulations regarding spouts are slightly different that the UK and in order to comply the spout must be what we call a ‘dry break’ spout. This is designed so that if the can was knocked over or dropped the liquid in the fuel can would not flow out. The fuel is released by pushing gently onto the opening valve. 

Please note this valve is not designed as a can rest and doing so can lead to the spout snapping off into your fuel tank. In order to avoid this, always hold the can securely taking its full weight.  This smart spout also has a shorter barrel, making it ideal for things like lawn mowers or chainsaws where the fuel tank is smaller and as a result the flow rate is slightly slower than usual.  You can purchase all of our screw top fuel cans in our shop here >  If you have any questions regarding these high quality fuel cans or any of our other products call us on 01508 493 647 or email

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