10 Litre Stainless Steel Fuel Cans (slight seconds) 40% off

From time to time we have items available to sell on our website at a greatly reduced price. Sometimes they are excess from a custom order we have prepared for a customer, eg in a special colour or manufactured to their own particular specifications, or for one reason or another they are items that haven’t sold as well as we might like. 

10 litre stainless steel fuel can with bayonet clip

The important thing to remember is that when it comes to quality we will never sell something that isn’t fit for purpose and any items in our ‘clearance’ section are still of the highest quality. 

That brings me on to these 10 Litre Stainless Steel fuel cans, available with a bayonet clip. When they first arrived in the warehouse we noticed that the bottom edge of the welded seam protruded slightly more that it should, this means the can won’t sit 100% flat on a surface, but in all other aspects the can is in perfect condition. 

Because of the slight imperfection, we are offering this limited number of cans at a massive 40% reduction. The cans are likely to be snapped up very quickly, so if you would like to purchase them visit our page here > or if you want more than one, give us a call on 015085 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net and we might be able to give you a bit more of a discount. 

You can also see the other clearance items on our website here > 

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