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The Right Time To Buy A High Quality Fuel Can

You may have noticed that the price of fuel has in some places across the UK now gone below that magical £1 per litre mark and as the good weather arrives normally this would be a great opportunity to fill the tank and get on the road.

Unfortunately these are not normal times and with many people still ‘smart’ working or isolating and tourist areas asking people to stay away many people are still driving around on the same tank of fuel they bought 6 weeks ago.

However where one door closes another opens and although we’re not going to suggest you spend £30 on a fuel can to save £6 on 20 Litres of fuel it might be a good enough reason for you to spend that little bit extra and purchase a high quality Wavian fuel can instead of a cheapo Chinese one that won’t stand the test of time.

We created a special video in order to show our customers the difference between a high quality Wavian fuel can (Jerry Can) and the sort of thing you can buy on Ebay and Amazon (see below).

Be careful as some sellers are using our photos and descriptions to sell their cans and then sending people a much inferior alternative. We do sell our fuel cans to many wholesales, but if you decide to buy our cans elsewhere be sure to check they are Wavian before you buy.

When it arrives look out for the Wavian Logo on the side of the can and the other important differences that make Wavian Fuel Cans a sensible choice to purchase. Of course another way to make sure you are purchasing a Wavian Fuel Can is to purchase directly from us.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the Key Workers out there keeping the country moving, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. Your hard work is very much appreciated!
From the Green Valley Team.

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