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Introducing Wavian Water Filters

We’re proud to introduce to you our new range of Wavian Water Filters. Built with the same precision and care as our world famous Fuel Cans, our water filters are designed to be practical, reliable and cost effective.

Stainless Steel Water Filters – 7 & 14 Litre Capacity

Ideal for the home or office, we’ve launched two premium quality stainless steel water filters (7 & 14 Litre), these come with replaceable carbon filters that will give you over 22,000 litres of clean water (usually around 3-5 years use for an average family). After that we also have a range of low priced replacement filter cartridges to keep your water fresh and clean without any problems.

Strictly limited offer – supplied with FREE stainless steel stand.

For the great outdoors!

For those who love to explore we have a fantastic 3 litre water filter that can be used to easily and quickly clean water from a river or stream, two water bottles that can be filled with unfiltered water and a special Wavian Water Straw.

£16.99 (£20.39 inc VAT)
£16.99 (£20.39 inc VAT)
£23.33 (£28.00 inc VAT)
£11.67 (£14.00 inc VAT)

Special offer – purchase one of our stainless steel Wavian Water Filters and receive a Wavian water bottle for just ONE PENCE. Just add to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically.

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