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Driving? How to keep safe in the snow

As the UK finds itself in the grip of snowstorms, blizzards and general weather chaos, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a few tips on saying safe in your car.

Only go out if it is absolutely necessary. 
Many people who get stuck in the snow do so only a mile or two from home. Work from home if you can and use up that tin of ravioli in the back of the cupboard. If you do have to drive always start off in second or third gear and leave a safe distance behind the car in front as stopping in bad weather can take up to 10 times longer. 

Take supplies with you 
Preparation is everything – driving in snowy conditions is hazardous and should you get stuck in your car for the night you will be glad you were prepared. Keep lots of water, chocolate and snacks in a box in your car and don’t eat them unless it’s an emergency!

Be prepared for the worst! 
Winter tyres are a legal requirement in many EU countries and if you travel long distances they’re a really good investment. Other items that can help in difficult weather include tyre chains, a shovel, blankets, scarves, hats and don’t forget those little hand warmer things.

Fully charge you phone
If you do get into difficulties, your phone is your one direct contact with the outside world. Make sure you have got plenty of power in it. Also have your “ICE: In Case of Emergency” number programmed into your phone. In the unlikely event of a serious incident, emergency services will use this to contact your nearest and dearest.

Make sure you have a decent fuel can in your car. 
Don’t go anywhere unless you have enough fuel for your journey. Running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere in the snow can be disastrous and in emergencies a fuel can can be a real life saver. A plastic fuel can is fine, but we always recommend a high quality steel fuel can. It will last longer and will contain the fumes from the fuel within much better. 

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