Driving? How To Keep Safe On The Winter Roads


Winter throws curveballs at UK drivers, but mastering your winter driving tactics can keep you safe and on the road. Be prepared for ice with good winter tires or snow socks, and adjust your speed to the slick conditions. Check headlights and wipers are in tip-top shape, and pack essentials like an ice scraper, warm clothes, and a phone charger in case of breakdowns. Prioritise visibility: clear snow and ice from windows and mirrors, and drive during daylight hours if possible. Take it slow and steady, avoiding sharp turns and braking, and maintain ample distance from the car ahead. Remember, smooth and controlled is how you conquer winter roads in the UK!

We have put a few extra winter driving tips together for you. Remember, stay safe on the winter roads.

Have A Spare Fuel Can In Your Car

Now, listen up, you petrol-swilling petrolheads! Winter’s on the warpath, and that means one thing: treacherous roads, dodgy visibility, and the ever-present threat of your trusty banger coughing its last cough and leaving you stranded like a lost penguin in a blizzard. And what’s the cavalry in this arctic armageddon? A jerry can, me old mucker, a jerry can!

But not just any flimsy plastic bucket with a dodgy spout. No, you need a champion, a knight in shining polyethylene: a metal can, built like a Sherman tank and tough enough to survive Jeremy’s patented “Moose Test” on ice. Look for one with a pressure release valve, so it doesn’t explode like a festive cracker in the back of your boot. And a decent pouring mechanism, mind you, none of that dribbly drivel that leaves you smelling like a petrol station forecourt. Safety first, always!

So, ditch the optimism and pack a jerry can this winter. It’s your lifeline, your escape pod, your ticket back to a roaring fire and a steaming mug of cocoa. Don’t be a hero, be prepared. Remember, when the white stuff hits the fan, it’s not the fastest car that wins, it’s the one with the most petrol and the least frostbite. Now get out there, and drive safe, you magnificent motoring misfits!


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Only Go Out If It’s Necessary

Winter’s a blizzardy beast, friends, so listen up! Only face its frosted fury if absolutely necessary. Pack like an Arctic explorer, respect the icy roads, and stay cosy when doubt creeps in. Remember, winter’s an adventure, but caution’s your compass. Stay safe, stay smart, and conquer the white stuff only when truly called!

Take Supplies With You 

Winter’s a fickle beast, mates, so before you brave the blizzard, pack like a prepped-up penguin! Here’s your survival kit for icy escapades:

  • Fuel your engine: A jerry can of the good stuff, just in case petrol pumps turn into popsicles.
  • Warm up quick: Cozy blankets, hand warmers, and maybe a thermos of something toasty (hot chocolate optional, but highly recommended).
  • See the light: Extra headlamp batteries and a reflective vest to be a beacon in the whiteout.
  • Stay connected: Portable phone charger, because nobody enjoys being a signal ghost.
  • Tools of the trade: Ice scraper, snow shovel, maybe even some traction mats for a helping hand on slippery slopes.
  • First-aid basics: Plasters, painkillers, and a little grit (mental, not literal – unless you’re planning on building an igloo).
  • Snacks for the road: High-energy nibbles to keep your engine purring, because hangry heroes make poor decisions.

Remember, preparedness is your winter superpower. So pack smart, stay safe, and conquer the white stuff like a champ!


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Be Prepared For The Worst! 

Before you unleash your chariot onto icy roads, heed this: check your winter tyre treads, or face the wrath of treacherous tarmac! These grippy guardians are your shield against skids and slides, so ditch the summer slicks and embrace the bite of proper winter rubber. Don’t be a frozen fool – give those treads a good once-over, looking for the magic 3mm of depth. If they’re smooching the road like bald eagles on ice, invest in new boots for your beast! Remember, traction is your friend, and winter tyres are the ultimate wingmen on a white-knuckle ride. Stay safe, stay sharp, and conquer the white stuff with treads that bite, not butter!

Fully Charge Your Phone

Listen up, adventurers! Before you battle winter’s icy gauntlet, fuel your lifeline: your phone! A fully charged beast can guide you through blizzards, summon help in a heartbeat, and even distract you with cat videos during a whiteout wait. Don’t be a signal ghost – plug in, power up, and conquer the white stuff with a phone that’s bursting with battery life! Remember, a charged phone is a warm friend in a cold world. Stay connected, stay safe, and let your phone be your winter wingman!


Your Final Checklist!

Before you set off:

  • Check weather and road conditions: Plan your route around closures and areas likely to be affected by ice or snow.
  • Battery: Ensure your car battery is in good condition and fully charged.
  • Windscreen and wipers: Clear any ice or snow and check wiper blades for wear and tear.
  • Lights: Test all headlights, taillights, and fog lights.

Driving in winter conditions:

  • Drive to the conditions: Adjust your speed based on visibility and road surface.
  • Don’t brake aggressively: Apply brakes gently and smoothly to avoid skidding.
  • Maintain a safe distance: Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front.
  • Use fog lights if visibility is poor: Remember, only use fog lights in foggy conditions, not in rain or snow.
  • Be aware of black ice: Look out for patches of black ice, especially on bridges and shaded areas.
  • Don’t use cruise control: It can be dangerous in slippery conditions.
  • Don’t get stranded: Park off the road if you get stuck or break down.

Additional tips:

  • Tell someone about your journey: Let someone know your route and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Stay calm and patient: Don’t rush or panic in bad weather conditions.
  • Consider public transport: If possible, opt for public transport during severe weather.

Moreover, winter driving requires extra caution and preparation. By following these tips and staying alert, you can navigate the UK’s winter roads safely and confidently.

Have a safe and pleasant journey!

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