20 Uses For Commercial & Domestic Jerry Cans


In the realm of commercial operations, the jerry can emerge’s as a logistical linchpin, addressing a spectrum of challenges with its practical design and versatile functionality. Serving as a portable reservoir for liquids, particularly fuels and chemicals, the commercial jerry can offers a streamlined solution to the intricate puzzle of transportation and storage. Its robust construction and secure closure mitigate the risks associated with liquid spillage and contamination, ensuring the integrity of the substances it holds. In industries reliant on efficient supply chains, such as agriculture, construction, and automotive services, the jerry can’s role is pivotal. It facilitates the seamless transport of essential fluids, alleviating concerns about availability and reliability. Moreover, its standardised form allows for easy stacking and organisation, optimising storage capacities and enabling a more efficient use of available space. The commercial jerry can, with its capacity to enhance mobility, safety, and organisation, stands as an emblematic tool in resolving the logistical intricacies faced by various industries.

20 Uses For A Jerry Can

  1. Fuel Storage: Jerry cans are commonly used to store and transport fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or kerosene.
  2. Water Transportation: They can be used to carry and store water, making them valuable in camping or emergencies.
  3. Oil Dispensing: Jerry cans are suitable for storing and dispensing oils, lubricants, or other automotive fluids.
  4. Emergency Kits: Use jerry cans to create emergency kits with essential supplies like food, water, first aid items, and tools.
  5. Construction Site Storage: Store small amounts of construction materials or tools on a construction site.
  6. Farming: Transport and store liquid fertilizers, pesticides, or water for agricultural purposes.
  7. Boating and Marine Activities: Carry extra fuel for boats or store essential items to keep them dry on marine excursions.
  8. Camping Gear Storage: Keep camping equipment dry and organized by using jerry cans to store items like cooking utensils, matches, or toiletries.
  9. Waste Disposal: Use jerry cans for temporary storage of liquid waste or non-recyclable materials in areas without proper disposal facilities.
  10. Automotive Fluids: Store and transport antifreeze, brake fluid, or other automotive fluids.
  11. Paint Storage: Store small quantities of paint or other liquids used for painting and touch-ups.
  12. Portable Shower: Adapt a jerry can for use as a portable shower for camping or outdoor activities.
  13. Sand or Salt Storage: Keep sand or salt for winter use in jerry cans to aid in de-icing sidewalks or driveways.
  14. Rural Water Supply: Provide a temporary water supply for rural or off-grid areas where access to clean water may be limited.
  15. Mobile Barbecue: Transport and dispense charcoal starter fluid or cooking oils for a mobile barbecue setup.
  16. Cleaning Solutions: Carry and store cleaning solutions for household or industrial cleaning tasks.
  17. Disaster Preparedness: Include jerry cans in emergency preparedness kits for storing essential supplies during natural disasters.
  18. Outdoor Events: Use jerry cans to store and dispense beverages or provide a temporary waste disposal solution at outdoor events.
  19. DIY Projects: Store and transport liquids needed for various DIY projects, such as wood staining or varnishing.
  20. Portable Generator Fuel: Keep extra fuel for portable generators during outdoor events, camping trips, or power outages.

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