About Scepter

More than 70 years ago Evald Torokvei started a home business with little more than a passion for innovation and a drive to be the best. Before long his small company innovated by blow molding the first military-style fuel cans in Canada. Through smart choices and smarter design, the business doubled in size, began to win innovation awards, and earned a full 95% of the global marine fuel tank market.

For the military, Scepter developed better packaging for the safe handling and storage of large caliber ammunition, and converted the military fuel can from metal to plastic as the new standard. This fuel container is known by armies the world over as a “Scepter Can.” When Scepter turned its attention to the retail market, we quickly gained trust throughout the world for producing rugged, ergonomic, and easy-to-use fuel containers. Steady growth and expansion ensued and our Canadian operations were strengthened with the purchase of a key facility in the heartland of America.

This growth and prosperity attracted the attention of Myers Industries of Akron, OH, who was so impressed that they acquired Scepter in 2014. Founded by brothers in the 1930s, Myers has a similarly rich history of steady growth from local distributor to industry-leading manufacturer. Even with global success, Scepter retains the mentality and values of a family business with an unwavering commitment to serving customers with intelligent, innovative containers that are tough, safe, and easy to use.

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10 Litre Plastic Fuel Cans

Scepter 6L fuel/ 2.25L Oil Combi Can

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10 Litre Plastic Fuel Cans

10 Litre Jerry Can by Scepter

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5 Litre Plastic Fuel Cans

5 Litre Jerry Can by Scepter

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