Wavian in the USA

You may or may not know that we sell a lot of Wavian Fuel Cans in the USA. We have an official distributor Swiss Link and one of their great employees Julie made a short but very useful video on how to attach a spout onto a Wavian Fuel Can.

As mentioned in the video the pin is supposed to be bent (we get a lot of people asking us about this) and if you are an eagle eyed viewer you will also see that she is attaching one of our special Wavian ‘Safety’ spouts to the fuel can. This is because in the USA due to safety regulations all Wavian Fuel Cans come supplied with a fuel spout system. More information on these spouts is available in our shop here.

If you are based over in the US you can visit the website wavianusa.com to order. If you have any further questions about Wavian Fuel Cans please contact us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net. We also offer discounts for bulk orders.

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