20 Litre Wavian Explo-Safe Jerry Can - Red

PREORDER 20 Litre Wavian Explo-Safe  Jerry Can - Red

Red 20 Litre Explo-safe Wavian Jerry Can

20 Litre Wavian Explo-Safe Jerry Can

The Explo-Safe fuel can has all the safety features of our classic Wavian Jerry Cans with the addition of an innovative aluminium mesh inside the can. This incredibly fine honeycomb structure takes up just 2% of the cans volume, and serves to dissipate heat within the can so that the fuel inside the can will not ignite explosively in the unlikely event of it being exposed to sparks or naked flames.

Features Include:

Powder coated rust-resistant exterior paint Filled with aluminium foil mesh, which absorbs heat and prevents explosion risk Interior Rezol enamel lining prevents rust Leak-proof bayonet cap with locking pin


H 470mm x W165mm  x D 345mm 

Approved & Certified
UN Dangerous Goods Approval
Australian Standard: AS 2906
Sweden Standard SP
German Standard TÜV/GS

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For multi-can / single spout orders or multiple labels please order separately.

If you are buying a 5 litre can you will also need the 5 litre spout adaptor to fit the spout to your can.  

Please note: Precision and US-Style Stainless Steel cans use different spouts. 


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