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Fitness Pack 2: 2 X 10 Litre Plastic Fuel Cans

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Fill with water to required weight. Each 10 Litre container will weigh slightly over 10kg when full with water.


The 10 Litre AutoStop can was designed to solve a problem commonly experienced with inferior cans- fuel continuing to pour from the spout immediately after use, causing the can to over-fill and result in spillage.

I have received my jerry can and it has a residue inside which smells of fuel?

Our cans are rinsed out with a cleaning fluid after they are manufactured which does have a fuel-like scent to it. We can confirm that this is normal and does no harm to the can or the fuel that is then put inside.

Are the Wavian/Site steel fuel cans suitable for water?

No. The coloured steel cans are lined with a rezinol lining inside and are suitable for fuel only, not water.

What is the difference between a Wavian Steel can & a Site Can?

Our Wavian branded cans are top quality fuel cans. They are made to the highest standards to last a lifetime. The Site Cans are a more affordable solution to storing fuel & we wanted to give our customers the option of having a lower-price choice of steel can. The Wavian quality may not be matched, but they are a decent can for fuel storage.

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