Pack of 5: 10 litre DEF Cans (empty) – (Multipacks available) suitable for AdBlue®

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£30.25 (£36.30 inc VAT)

Price shown is for a pack on 5 containers. This 10 litre EMPTY AdBlue® clear can comes with a handy blue flexible spout which fits into a recess on the side of the can when not in use. Suitable for use with other liquids.

Our cans are rinsed out with a cleaning fluid after they are manufactured which does have a fuel-like scent to it. We can confirm that this is normal and does no harm to the can or the fuel that is then put inside.

No. The coloured steel cans are lined with a rezinol lining inside and are suitable for fuel only, not water.

Our Wavian branded cans are top quality fuel cans. They are made to the highest standards to last a lifetime. The Site Cans are a more affordable solution to storing fuel & we wanted to give our customers the option of having a lower-price choice of steel can. The Wavian quality may not be matched, but they are a decent can for fuel storage.

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