EO - Electric Vehicle Charging Point Hub - 3 Year Software Licence

EO  - Electric Vehicle Charging Point Hub - 3 Year Software Licence

- This is a licence for an additional 3 years subscription of eoSoftware to be used in conjunction with the eoHUB box, a management system for multiple EO 'Genius' electric vehicle charging points. 

 eoHUB comes complete with the first 3 years subscription to eoSoftware.

- The eoSoftware gives access to the online data portal making the mobile phone app (eoApp) & the online (eoCloud) data visible.
- Use eoAPP to control your charger from anywhere in the world. Start, stop, pay-for (where installed) & schedule charge from the palm of your hand.
- Use the cloud on the internet (eoCloud) to monitor your electricity consumption, allow & restrict access to one or many chargers, set pricing & generate revenue (where applicable) & can link home & workplace charging to record bene t-in-kind tax.
- The eoHUB is a compact internet connected unit that plugs into a EO “Genius” charger & puts it online (cloud based).
- The eoHUB when used with eoSoftware allows you to stop & start charge, schedule a charge & monitors all electricity used showing the data via your mobile phone (eoApp) or via the internet (eoCloud).
- One eoHUB can connect up to 30 “Genius” charger, making installing multiple smart chargers cost effective.
- The eoHUB monitors a buildings power supply & actively manages the load where multiple chargers are in use.
- Hardwire internet connection or GSM connection available.

Visit our page www.jerrycans.co.uk/electric for more information

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