Back in stock – Rhino Fuel Cans

black-10-rhino fuel can

Rhino fuel cans are manufactured here in the UK (in Derby) and offer an alternative to our Wavian Fuel cans that some buyers find suits their needs. Their flatter wider design means that some people prefer to keep them in the back of their van or car without having to strap them in to prevent them from tipping over. We have sold a huge number of Rhino Cans over the years, with thousands of very satisfied customers.

There are occasions when we get a rush for Rhino Fuel Cans and we are temporarily out of stock and this was the case recently for 3 of their fuel cans. We are pleased to say that the following item are now back in stock (4 Aug 2021) and ready for immediate dispatch.

Rhino Fuel Can – 5 Litre (Red)
Rhino Fuel Can – 5 Litre (Green)
Rhino Fuel Can – 10 Litre (Green)

You can see the full range of Rhino cans below, including the 5 & 10 Litre Rhino explo-safe fuel can, the combo-can with the tool box underneath and the incredibly useful Rhino fuel can spout and lid replacement kit, because let’s face it somehow it’s always the lid that goes missing!

If you require any assistance helping to choose a fuel can, feel free to call our offices on 01508 493 647 or email

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