Back in stock – Hun 20-AdBlue

We know it is a challenging time for many businesses at the moment, fortunately we in most cases are able to plan ahead and try and predict potential demand for non Wavian products that we also sell on our website.

10 & 20 Litre AdBlue Containers – also suitable for other liquids

It’s not easy to always get this right though and the recent fuel shortage crisis definitely caught us on the hop slightly and we saw a massive increase in demand for many of our high quality fuel cans, bit steel and plastic.

As a result we still have a few products that we normally have in stock that are on back order and making their way to us as soon as possible. One of these products that is a popular item is the Hun20-Olipro, this is a high quality green coloured 20 litre plastic fuel container. For customer looking for an alternative to this item, I would like to draw your attention to our 20 litre container used for AdBlue. This is essentially the same container, but in a blue colour.

We are advising all our customer for whom colour is not an issue to purchase this item until we are once again able to sell the 20 litre green alternative. Please note we do have the 10 litre green Oli-pro in stock currently.

For any further enquires, please call 01508 493647 or email and we will be delighted to help.

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