Back in stock: 20 Litre Stainless Steel Fuel Cans

For many people a ‘regular’ steel fuel can is more than enough for their requirements, but there are situations where a stainless steel fuel can can have an advantage. One of the questions we got most asked by customers is ‘are Wavian fuels cans suitable for storing water’. The simple answer is no. In order to understand why you first have to have a very small amount regarding the molecular properties of certain liquids. Don’t worry, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

A Quick Chemistry Lesson

For instance petrol (or diesel or oil) are liquids, but they have very different properties to other liquids, eg water or wine and as such react differently when encountering other materials eg metal or in the case of fuel cans a Rezol lining.

Inside a ‘regular’ Wavian Fuel is such a Rezol lining, this is sprayed into the interior of the can in production and this special lining helps to prevent the normal steel can from rusting. However, if a ‘regular’ Wavian fuel is filled with water, the properties in water will actually start to degrade the ‘Rezol’ lining and it will gradually peel away from the inside of the can.

This is also true if you store wine or other liquids inside the can, which is not a great thing if you are planning on drinking or using the water or wine.

Stainless Steel Fuel Cans

So this is where the Stainless Steel fuel cans come in. The stainless steel cans we sell do not contain a rezol lining and as a result can be used for different purposes. However, just to complicate things a little bit we should make customers aware that the manufacturer of these cans recommends they are only used for fuel. Having said that if these cans are thoroughly washed out (this process may take some time and professional materials may be required) they should be suitable for use with other liquids. We have to also state that purchasing these items is on the understanding that we’re selling them to you as a fuel can suitable for fuel.

The 20 litre stainless steel fuel cans are made to a very high quality and look fantastic too. WE have a limited amount back in stock and these are very likely to sell out soon. If you are interested in purchasing these items, please visit our Webstore here >

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