A to Z of Fuel Cans: A is for Accessories

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Ok, so I was thinking about a way we could try and get as much information out there as possible to our customers and came up with an idea to do an A to Z of fuel cans. That way hopefully during the process over the coming weeks we will address every single query and question around our business and give out some great information in the process. Of course if you can’t wait that long you should call our office on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net. Especially if you are looking for information on Xylophones (hint: we don’t sell them). 

A is for Fuel Can Accessories

We sell much more than fuel cans and the majority of people buying a steel fuel can from us also choose some kind of spout or accessory to go with it. We have a HUGE range of spouts, both bayonet and screw top fittings.


These spout are excellent when you need a workhorse accessory for regular fuelling needs, they are strong and sturdy and will last many years without problems. 


As the name suggests these have a flexible end and are better at reaching into slightly more hard to reach areas. 

Long nose / Long nose diesel

These are good for when you need a bit of extra length, the diesel spout has a special nozzle to fit

Please note we sell several different kinds of steel fuel cans, so please make sure that you get a spout that fits. Look at the information on the fuel can product page, as a general if it says ‘Wavian’ it should fit one of our Wavian Fuel Cans. Site Cans use a different spout and Stainless Steel cans also have their own kind of spouts too. 

We also sell funnels and spout clips to keep the spout clipped to the can. Currently when you order a Wavian spout you will receive a spout clip that fits one of our 10 or 20 litre Wavian Fuel cans, If you want one that fits a 5 litre fuel can you’ll have to order that separately (unless you order a 5 litre fuel can and spout together and then you should get one). *correct as of 16th Sept 2021.

Rhino spout replacement kits

Ok, we know. You had the spout last time you used your Rhino fuel can, but you can find it anywhere. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy another fuel can, just purchase a Rhino Spout replacement kit. They also include a top for the can too. 

Jerry Can Holders

These are ideal if you have a truck and want to keep your fuel can fixed to the side at all times. They are available in 10 & 20 Litre sizes and we also have a new premium design. We’re waiting for some of these to come back into stock, but watch this space as they will be back soon.


Finally we come to labels. These are useful if you have one can of diesel one can of adBlue and one can of unleaded. It can be a costly mistake putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle and simple things like sticky labels are a cost effective way (along with using different colour fuel cans) to keep things organised. We sell a range of labels, please pay attention to the size as some people imagine them to be bigger than they are. 

If you need any assistance with your order please call 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net

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